New Years Eve

Hello folks.

Animation Ideas is back after a short break and I have more ideas, insights and inspiration than ever for you.

Normally I try to blend into the background and let other animators and their art take center stage, but in this case, I probably should give you an update.

A lot has happened since the last blog post.

I had a baby!

Wow – if there is anything that will force you to realign your priorities – a baby will do it.

He’s a beautiful healthy boy who not only makes me laugh every day, but he sleeps very well at night. Believe me – I know how lucky I am.

Not long after starting a family, I did an interview with Paul Cageggi from the Process Diary Podcast. We spoke a lot about having a young family and how to stay creative and productive admist the chaos of a household dominated by diapers and sleepless nights.

I also spent a semester teaching animation at The University of Technology in Sydney, which was incredibly rewarding.

If you get a chance to teach, you should totally do it.

Start with a guest lecture, and go from there. If for no other reason that it helps you better consolidate your understanding of animation. It’s a great feeling to give something back to the next generation of animators.

Plus, Animation Ideas is proud to welcome a new sponsor:

Kenny was one of my teachers when I was studying at Animation Mentor, and is one of the best animation teachers around. I used his textbook to teach my students: How to Cheat in Maya 2013 and I can highly recommend Kenny Roy’s animation training website.

Coming up on Animation Ideas, I’d like to keep the balance going between showcasing animators I admire, as well as sharing insights and observations from my own process.

Looking forward to a creative and productive 2013.

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